API Users Guide

In order to use the API, you will need to request an API key. This has to be done by a direct BriteCore client who wishes to give you API access to their BriteCore site. Once you’ve obtained your API key, you simply make HTTP requests.

Here’s an example call using curl

$ curl -d '{"api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY", "from_date": "2014-11-25", "to_date": "2015-11-25"}' https://someclient.britecorepro.com/api/v1/printing/getToBePrinted

Existing functionality is exposed in the original V1 of our API. V1 was designed for our own decoupled user interface, so it was not yet optimized for external use. V2 of our API is designed to expose functionality to third-party applications. V2 contains JSON web tokens, error handling, documentation on parameters and returned results, and conversion of granular API calls into aggregate API calls appropriate for the external application. V2 covers most policy processing, and claims processing. If a necessary call is missing, new V2 API calls frequently require little more than wrapping a V1 API call and adding doc strings.