api.v2.notes module


Creates new record in notes using the passed reference id and returns the id in JSON string. Only called from frontend, use makeNote for notes generated within the system.

api.v2.notes.retrieveNotes(pageSize=25, id='', searchString='', aggregateAll=False, advSearch=False, filterAlerts=False, filterUserGen=False, orderBy='date', page=1, ascending=False, type=None)[source]

Returns a JSON string containing the notes matching the search string entered by the user or null. Pass pageSize for amount and page for the section of notes to be returned.

api.v2.notes.storeNote(enteredBy=None, id=None, alertSave=False, alertStatus=None, eventAlert=None, eventPreset=None, alertDate=None, alertEmail=None, alertNow=None, title=None, contents=None, alertSent=False, notifiedInsureds=None)[source]

Takes a json_dict with the bc.models.Note() information and stores the record. Returns success or an error message.