api.v2.data module


Get Available Dashboards returns available dashboards for BriteCore and BriteQuote. For the agent portal it will return only dashboards the user has been granted access to based on user permissions. For the employee portal (BriteCore) it will include stock dashboards and embedded ones. :param module: The module to use, can be britequote or britecore (defaults to britequote). :type module: str

  • success (bool) – True if completely successful, false if not
  • messages (list of str) – List of human-readable error messages
  • data (dict) – List of dicts with available dashboards based on user permission
    “id”: ‘agency_exp’, “title”: ‘Agency Experience’, “path”: ‘ae_dashboard’, “permission”: {
    “value”: “agency/stats/ae_dashboard”, “access”: “r”


    }, {

    “id”: ‘csr_dash’, “title”: ‘CSR Dashboard’, “path”: ‘csr_dashboard’, “permission”: {
    “value”: “agency/stats/csr_dashboard”, “access”: “r”